LCN Hand Cream Èpices, 30ml

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The NOIR Hand Cream Èpices provides the skin with moisture and care. It helps to regenerate skin cells and prevents skin aging thanks to its anti-oxidative effect. Scent is christmassy oriental-spice.

Special ingredients
Shea butter - regulates the moisture content of the skin and has a moisturizing, calming and smoothing effect. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. In addition, it promotes the regeneration of skin cells and can contribute to wound healing.

Allantoin - activates cell renewal and accelerates skin regeneration. Allantoin also has an anti-oxidative effect. Thus, it prevents skin aging. It is also moisturizing and helps against itching.

Vitamin E - has an antioxidant and smoothing effect. It supports the reduction of UV-related skin damage and prevents age spots. In general, vitamin E is known to help prevent premature signs of aging.

Size: 30 ml

Application: After washing your hands, apply the hand cream to your hands and massage in gently. You can use the product several times a day or as needed.