LCN Nail Polish Set " Superlicious " Trend Collection

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Nature is in! In autumn, we are inspired by nature. However, naturalness does not always have to be tender and quiet. Nature also offers another side - a wild, stormy and color-explosive! Super-licious celebrates precisely this facet and celebrates life with all its wonderful nuances. Colorful and meaningful, we defy the first autumnal and dreary days! The 6 Power-Players of the autumn series are not subject to stereotypes and embody in a playful way natural role models ...
Discover the new trend colors in the nail polish set "" Super-licious "" .
The set contains all 6 trend colors bag for price advantage.
The innovative high-tech formula of the LCN nail polishes ensures brilliant color results with ultra-bright mirror reflections and convinces with fast drying, intensive opacity and a streak-free and uniform color layer.