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Naturaverde Cartridge Heater, Double

Naturaverde Cartridge Heater, Double


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For busy waxing studios, this double warmer enables you to warm two roll-on cartridges simultaneously, so you will always be ready for your next client. Roll-On waxing is an ultra-hygienic, efficient method that maximizes your time with this speed-waxing system that requires less clean-up than traditional waxing. Perfect for large areas, wax applies in a thin, even, continuous strip, without the need for applicators to cut down on waxing time with less mess to clean up.


  • Dual charging stand with two cordless NaturaverdePro Roll-On Wax Warmers that accommodate NaturaverdePro Roll-On Cartridges (and most other 3.8 oz. Roll-On waxes)
  • On/Off switch for each warmer to only heat what you need to use
  • Each cordless warmer has a side window to view the wax cartridge, and maintains temperature for plenty of un-plugged time to finish your waxing service
  • Dual voltage


Use one cartridge per client, dispose of the used cartridge, sanitize the warmer and you’re ready for your next appointment!

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