Kocostar Outdoor Camo Set

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Outdoor Camo Set allows you to replenish your skin and body even in the wilderness. Reveal your natural beauty while enjoying beautiful nature.

Camouflage Series is based on the ideas of the anti-violence campaign. Camouflage pattern often relates to military, warfare, and concealments. However, its core idea is to blend in with the surroundings. Through bright, warm-colored camouflage prints, we wanted to convey the message that we should cover ourselves with love and delight, instead of hatred and violence, to be reconciled together. For only through love will the world be a truly beautiful place. With Camouflage Series, Kocostar further emphasizes the importance of being together with loved ones, the value upon which the brand was initially established.

*Outdoor Camo Set contains the following products in a clear matt zip pouch.