LCN Bio Glass Gel, 10ml

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The LCN BIO Glass Gel is a 100% acid-free gel made of bio-ceramic material with nail-building ingredients.
Bio-Glass only contains compounds that are accepted by the human body. As a result, the body reaction of stress shielding, i.e. the encapsulation and repulsion of a foreign body, can be avoided.
Bio-Glass creates a natural bond with the natural nail. Due to the special inorganic composition, Bio-Glass is not repelled by the body, but supports the development of new tissue. In particular, the adhesion to the natural nail is improved. Bio-Glass also acts as a carrier for bioactive depot substances.
Suitable for all nail types, especially sensitive nails. With adhesion and build-up properties.

The advantages of the Bio Glass Gel at a glance:
  • excellent with the dermatest
  • strong adhesive properties
  • 100% acid-free and vegan
  • permanently regenerates damaged nails
  • Camouflage optics conceals discolouration
Apply the BGG to the natural or artificial nail and build it up.
Then cure (2 minutes in the UV tube device or 60 seconds in the LED device). The BGG in a delicate pastel shade, suitable for all nail types, appears silk-matt after the dispersion layer has been removed.
Then seal with an LCN sealer of your choice.

The special active ingredient complex of bio-glass, L-cysteine ​​and chitosan supports the nail in regeneration and can visibly improve the nail structure.
L-cysteine ​​is an amino acid and, as a protein, the most important building block of keratin. This active ingredient is essential for healthy nail growth.
Chitosan is a biopolymer made from naturally occurring polyamine saccharides and has been proven to have antibacterial and fungicidal effects. The active ingredient is therefore particularly suitable for damaged nails as well as micro-injuries on the nail fold and on the nail bed, which arise from incorrect filing and milling.