LCN Fibrique Express Repair, 20ml

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Fibrique Express Repair is a strong, thin gel that has microfibers embedded into the resin. These fibers make even the thinnest application incredibly strong. Repair cracked nails with a small amount of Fibrique Express Repair. Due to is thin viscosity, the resin fills the crack perfectly and provides extra strength at the stress points of extended nails. Fibrique Express Repair can also be used as an overlay product for natural nails. There is enough of a bonding agent already in Fibrique Express Repair that the use of an additional bonder is not needed. Seal with the sealant of your choice Due to the Microfibers in the gel, Fibrique Express Repair should have a thin layer of sealant applied over it if you wish to apply a Colour Gel over the product to prevent the colour from seeping into the layer of Fibrique. This step makes removing colour easy and allows the underlying layer of Fibrique Express Repair to remain untouched.

*Fibrique is not suitable for very long and very weak nails. Does not require any bonding agent either.