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LCN Foot Cream Oud, 30ml

LCN Foot Cream Oud, 30ml


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NOIR Foot Cream OUD provides your feet with moisture in all seasons, provides intensive care and offers your skin protection against free radicals. The almond oil it contains can soothe skin irritations and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Special ingredients
Chestnut oil The mode of action of chestnuts in cosmetics has been known for a long time. It can stimulate the microcirculation and thus gently support blood circulation. It can also improve and protect the function of the capillary walls and significantly reduce swelling.

Jojoba oil
Strengthens the skin's own protective barrier, protects against moisture loss and environmental influences. Jojoba oil has a nourishing property and has a high vitamin A content.

oil Almond oil has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe skin irritations. It is often used for dry and heavily stressed skin. It also protects the skin from cell damage and improves elasticity.

Glycerine helps to transport moisture into the skin and bind it there. It works against dry, cracked and itchy skin by penetrating the skin and laying a slightly oily protective film on the surface. In this way, it prevents moisture from escaping from the skin and supports more moisture being absorbed. The skin appears smoother, healthier and remains elastic.

Size: 30 ml

Application: Apply the cream as needed. If you have dry skin, leave it on overnight.

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