LCN Fusion Master Kit

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The perfect combination af acrylic and gel with very good bonding properties and no heat build up! Easy and time saving application with No mixing required and will not run, easy to file and can be pinched, it is ACID and MONOMER FREE with no odor. The anti yellowing formulation is stable due to the acrylic portion and flexible due to its gel base, compatible with LED and UV units. Includes:1 LCN Ultima Acrylics Bond 1 Fusion Clear Poly Acryl Gel 50gram 1 Fusion White Poly Acryl Gel 50gram 1 Brush & Scoop Tool 1 LCN File 1 Fusion Form Liquid 100ml 1 Super Shine Finish Cleaner 100ml 1 Dappen Dish1 Sealant 5ml 25 pcs Cotton Swabs1 LCN Cleaner 100ml

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