LCN Handcream LOVE, 30ml

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Introducing our LOVE hand cream in a design to fall in love with! Our new "little darling" in the 30 ml size is filled with our bestseller vegan Avocado Hand Butter in the limited LOVE Edition.

The LOVE Hand Cream is particularly rich and moisturizing to the skin thanks to the ingredients it contains. It supplies the skin with valuable minerals and nutrients.

- rich in amino acids and minerals
- suitable for particularly dry skin
- extremely rich and softening
- contains avocado and cocoa butter

Avocado butter
The avocado butter is very rich and softening and contains a high proportion of amino acids and minerals. It is therefore often used to care for dry skin.

Cocoa butter
It has a skin-improving effect and strengthens the skin's own elasticity. Due to its high fat content, it supplies the skin with moisture and lipids. Cocoa butter contains numerous vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Glycerine helps transport moisture into the skin and bind it there. It works against dry, cracked and itchy areas of skin by penetrating the skin and laying a slightly oily protective film on the surface. In this way, it prevents moisture from escaping from the skin and supports more moisture being absorbed. The skin appears smoother, healthier and remains elastic.