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LCN Professional Nails - Rose Smart File Unit

LCN Professional Nails - Rose Smart File Unit


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LCN Professional Nails - Rose File Unit

Our new mobile Rose Smart File Unit is a must-have for your studio.

The handy grinder impresses with its high-gloss look, cordless design, and the perfect size.

The number of revolutions is indicated on the digital display.

The device can be charged via a wireless charger or USB charging cable and is suitable for left and right-handers.

With the help of a fastening clip, the device can be easily attached to clothing. Thus the
area of ​​application is variable and can be easily transported.

Please note, this file is not subject to discounts or promotions. 

Quick overview:

  • Revolutions: 30,000 / minute
  • Maximum energy consumption: 36W
  • Battery capacity: 4000mA
  • Size of the device: 170x70x30mm


  • USB charging cable and wireless charger
  • Handpiece holder on the device and separately, clockwise / counter-clockwise
    battery life: 6-8 hours
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