LCN Rosewater & Prickly Pear Hand Gel, 100 ml

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Delicate, modern rose fragrance with a refreshing effect thanks to the gel texture. Moisturizes with an anti-aging effect. Hand Gel Rose Water & Prickly Pear impresses with its exquisite texture and unique care results.

The rose is the "KEY ingredient" of the year 2022 when it comes to cosmetics and beauty! The queen of the rose, with its wonderful anti-aging effect, plays the main role in this exclusive care series. In order to remain true to our series character of super food care, the prickly pear supports the noble active ingredient complex. All of the products in the series smell delicious enough to bite into, and they impress with their exquisite textures and unique care results. The complete series is 100% vegan!

Special features
Cooling effect due to gel texture. This product is characterized by high-quality ingredients such as glycerin, rose water and prickly pear extract.

Application: Apply and distribute a sufficient amount to cleansed skin as required. Repeat if necessary. Super suitable as final care of a manicure.

Expert tip: Keep the Rosewater & Prickly Pear Hand Gel in the fridge for the ultimate freshness boost!

Special ingredients

Rose Water Rose
water is created during the production of essential rose oil. It is traditionally made by boiling rose petals in copper cauldrons. The rose water has a characteristic rose scent and is obtained from controlled organic cultivation.

Glycerin is part of the skin's own moisture retention system. It is, therefore, suitable as a moisturizer and is therefore very well tolerated. Glycerin is said to have a hydrating, i.e. moisturizing effect.

Prickly Pear Extract
In the course of evolution, the desert plant has adapted to the extreme living conditions of the desert (such as strong sunlight, large temperature differences and low water availability). The prickly pear extract is rich in flavonoids, polysaccharides and minerals. Prickly Pear Extract has hydrating, moisturizing and skin-soothing properties.