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LCN Ultra Gel 3in1 Brush-on Builder 10ml

LCN Ultra Gel 3in1 Brush-on Builder 10ml


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Preventive measures to slow down and counteract the aging process have become indispensable in cosmetics. Products for the face, body, hands and hair are known. But our nails also age. Nail grooves become visible, elasticity and resilience of the nails decrease. With increasing age, many customers complain about problems with lifting, dry cuticles and brittle nail plates.

The research and development department at LCN has developed a real miracle weapon for precisely this target group. Ultra Gel 3-in-1 Brush-on Builder is the new high-tech product for all customers who want proactive aging prevention. The practical bottle product with integrated professional brush combines adhesion and easy assembly in one. Contained fine fiberglass particles strengthen the nail and offer support. The product is a true vitamin bomb and additionally provides hyaluronic acid for more nail tension, moisture and elasticity. The light nude coloring perfectly covers unevenness and nail discoloration.