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LCN Whipped Hand Cream, 50ml

LCN Whipped Hand Cream, 50ml


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The Whipped Hand Cream is moisturizing thanks to the glycerine it contains and prevents the skin from drying out. High-quality active ingredients such as coconut oil have a cooling effect on the hands and ensure that the skin feels smooth and soft. This hand cream is characterized by its creamy, delicate texture and a fine, powdery scent. Once you have used the new Whipped Cream line, you will experience deep bliss. There is hardly any other care line that spoils the skin and the senses so much! The texture is wonderfully soft and the cream simply smells seductive. This line is a true balm for the soul. It is intensively nourishing, regenerating for a long time, and enchants the senses. It feels like heaven on earth. Enjoy it!
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