Spongelle Mini Travel Sponge - Bourbon Vanilla

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The Spongelle Pedi-Buffer has a built-in cleanser that cleanses and soothes aches and pains in the foot while massaging away stress and strains in the foot. Formulated specifically for feet, the Pedi buffer has a textured side that gently scrubs away dry skin and calluses leaving feet soft and silky smooth. Infused with extracts and skin softening oils that are perfect for home pedicures.

  • Built-In Body Wash + Buffer
  • Multi-Function, Multi-Use
  • 15+ Uses per buffer
  • All in One Beauty Treatment
  • Time-Released Lather
  • Dermatologist Tested
  • Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free
  • Proprietary Infusion Technology
  • Good for travel

How to Use: Place the Spongelle Pedi-Buffer under water and squeeze. Use the soft side of the buffer to cleanse the foot. Use the textured side in a circular motion to exfoliate and stimulate circulation. Rinse and squeeze excess water out after each use.

glycerin, water, fragrance, yuzu extract, edelweiss extract, vetiver root extract