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Spongelle Zodiac Collection - Water, Lotus Blossom (15+ washes)

Spongelle Zodiac Collection - Water, Lotus Blossom (15+ washes)


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Turn your day-to-day shower into a bathing ritual with Spongelle Water Lotus Bloom Buffer with built-in body wash. The Water Sign (Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio): Water ebbs and flows naturally allowing healing & inner peace. For a beyond cleansing experience, this buffer is designed to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. A unique surface changes from exfoliating to as soft as silk texture. Infused with finest skincare ingredients and lotus bloom scent.


  • 15+ washes
  • Infused with the finest skincare ingredients
  • All in one beauty treatment
  • Lotus bloom scent


  1. Place sponge under warm water
  2. Squeeze to absorb
  3. Massage gently in circular motions to cleanse the skin
  4. Squeeze out excess water after each use


glycerin, water, fragrance, yuzu extract, edelweiss extract, vetiver root extract

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