8 Reasons to Use Mink Lashes

8 Reasons to Use Mink Lashes

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Whether your applying falsies for a night out or providing a lash extension service mink lashes are the way to go.  Here are 8 benefits to using mink lashes at home and in your service:


1. The Cadillac of Lashes

Mink lashes were once reserved for the red carpet and the wealthy due to their cost. But now that there are more affordable options for mink lashes it seems silly to not use only the best. Go ahead, live in luxury, get those mink lashes!


2. More Natural

Mink lashes are much more natural looking that their synthetic/non-synthetic counter parts.  No other lashes compare to the a mink lash with their ultimate smoothness, fluttery curl, softness or their bright black colour.


3. Durability

Mink fur is durable, so durable that it can last 30 years.  Therefore when we are talking mink lashes, they can last for multiple uses.  If you take care of your lashes you can get up to 25 wears out of them! Compare this to synthetic and you can only get 1-3 uses. 

4. Weightlessness & Volume     

Despite being lightweight, mink fur is rather dense.  Mink lashes are 3 times lighter than synthetic; therefore you can have more volume without the added weight.  Go with mink, your eyelids don’t need a workout!


5. Cruelty Free

Even though mink lashes are from real live minks, the minks live happy lives on free-range farms in Siberia. They are gently brushed during shedding season to get the highly sought after fur.


6. Chemical & Dye Free

As black minks are used for the processing of mink lashes there is no need to dye them to achieve a luxurious black.  The fur is also naturally shiny, so there is no need to add any chemicals to make them appear any glossier.  Stay away from those chemically dyed lashes for the safety of your eyes, you only get two! 


7. Forever Handmade 

You will also be happy to know that mink lashes are hand made.  Due to their delicate nature they need to be handled with care so that the natural fluffiness is not damaged in the processing or creation of the lashes.  Each lash is also professionally curled! Now wouldn’t you feel like a queen knowing your lashes were professionally curled by hand!


8. Environmentally Friendly

As mink lashes are made of a natural source they are considered biodegradable.   Whereas silk, synthetic and faux mink are petroleum based.  Not that all petroleum lashes in the world are doing our landfills a lot of damage in terms of space.  But, everyone should do their part, small or big, choose mink!



At PROBEAUTY Group we love our mink lashes! JB Lashes keeps our professionals happy with their superior line of lashes and accessories.  While Esqido has a large selection of fake eyelashes to suite anyone’s needs. 



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