Collection: JAMGEL

JamGel Acry-Gel is a combination of a gel and acrylic building product. The odourless all-in-one formula creates strong, lightweight nails that file like a dream, with no airborne dust. This product has a putty-like consistency, and photo initiators in the gel base mean you have unlimited working time before curing. JamGel’s tube dispensing system allows for virtually no product waste and zero product contamination while working.  We love how easy it is to squeeze out as much or as little as you need. JamGel Acry-Gel is available in 6 colours, and the lineup includes a base coat, top coat, Brush & Scoop Tool, and slip n Slide Solution for easy workability.


JamGel Acry-Gel can be built over a nail in the typical fashion, or you can try the reverse application method using the Dual Form Tips.