9 Things to Know About JamGel

9 Things to Know About JamGel


 What's JamGel you ask? JamGel is the latest polygel to be hitting the market.  It is the best that gel and acrylic nail systems have to offer.  Take everything you love about gel and acrylic and you are left with a beautiful nail that can be done in less time, with less mess and hold up to daily use for your clients. 


Here are 9 to help you get to know JamGel:

  1. JamGel’s formula combines the strength of an acrylic powder in a gel base allowing for increased workability without the unpleasant monomer odor. JamGel has more flexibility than acrylic, is stronger than a gel, and is lighter than both.

  2. JamGel is not self-levelling like a hard gel. It will stay wherever you place it, and unlike acrylic it won’t harden until it is cured in an LED or UV lamp.

  3. Pepping the natural nail for product is the same prep as with a gel nail.

  4. JamGel can be applied over natural nails as an overlay or be sculpted over a form. One layer provides maximum strength to nails.

  5. JamGel comes in 6 colours: Pool Party, Take Me to Ibiza, Let the Beat Drop, Peace Love Remix, and I’m On the Guest List.

  6. JamGel’s tube dispensing system allows for virtually no product waste. Simply squeeze out as much or as little as you need. Each tube will create 30-50 sets depending on the application type.

  7. Gel polish can be applied over JamGel, and the brand is planning the release of its own gel polish line shortly.

  8. JamGel cures in 30 seconds under an LED lamp and in 2 minutes under a UV lamp. JamGel will not create a heat spike when curing and is dispersion free.

  9. We recommend filing off JamGel rather than soaking. Filings are heavier than gel and acrylic, meaning they’ll fall to the table with practically no airborne dust.


If you think JamGel would be a good fit for you and your clients, don't be shy head on over to the JamGel website to see more information and place your online orders! 

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