Serene Skin Care

Brand Feature: Serene Skin Care

Serene Professional Skin Care is one of the professional skin care lines that we carry that offers medical results without a prescription. They use efficient ingredients that aid in hydrating the skin and highly benefit the health of the skin. All of their products are clinically tested and approved and are backed by two decades of meticulous medical research.

Here is a brief overview of some of our favourite product from their product line:

Serene AHA12

Serene Skin Care

Serene AHA 12 Cleanser is a cleanser that is recommended to use only 1-2x week, One of its star ingredients is Salicylic Acid. This Ingredient helps increase cell renewal, improves the appearance of fine lines and helps smooth rough skin texture. When used, apply to face and allow to it on the skin for 60-90 Seconds.

Lac 10 Moisturizer

Serene Skin Care

Lac 10 Moisturizer contains Lactic Acid. Lactic Acid is found in the skin and can help improve fine lines and increase the cell turn over. It is recommended that this moisturizer is used for night time only, due to the lactic acid that is in the moisturizer. Lactic acid is a power ingredient that can help other ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin.

Healing Facial Mask

Serene Skin Care

Serene’s Healing Facial Mask is rich and hydrating. The star ingredient is French Green Clay if a client is dry skinned and very sensitive, with low hydration levels, its best to use this almost like a lotion at night after putting all the proper serums to help with dehydration levels.

Refining Clay Mask

Serene Skin Care

Serene’s Refining Clay Mask is a mask that packs Bentonite Clay as well as French Green Clay. Bentonite Clay removes impurities in the skin, while the French Green Clay forms a barrier on the skin to help fight against dehydration.

Vitamin A Emollient

Vitamin A Emollient will help reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin (those lovely sunspots that have appeared). This powerful ingredient will help with the thickness of the skin. It also helps minimize those fine lines. When using this product be sure to use it at night and apply SPF daily.

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