Community Beauty Feature: Amanda Ward

Community Beauty Feature: Amanda Ward

Today we at PRO Beauty group would like to introduce you to:

Amanda Ward, owner and operator of Whiplash Esthetics in Spruce Grove, AB. @whiplashesthetics

When Amanda considered esthetics as a career choice, it was out of passion, curiosity and wanting to share that with her community. With laser services being her primary focus, Amanda went head first into the career she felt a real draw to. Every move and every class well researched, Amanda completed her course and decided that she was opening her own spa. She had her vision and she was going for it. When asked what her first 6 months was like her response was an enthusiastic “AMAZING!” She found that her community was yearning for her services and happy to support a budding new business like hers. 

Everyone should have access to the services that make them more comfortable in their skin. Everyone should be able to feel pampered, to have time focused on themin which they get to feel special.” That is one of the things that keeps Amanda going. The giving people the opportunity to love what they see and to create bonds. Her client relationships are the icing on the cake. “These are people who have grown with me and have come to love like family. I’m excited to hear about how things are going for them and to share in their joys and lives” 

Just this past year Whiplash Esthetics was awarded Business of the Year in Stony Plain and up to win a Cultural Diversity Award for her dedication to bring focus to Aboriginal businesses as well as the work that she has been doing with the Paul Band. Offering services to those who have been working so hard to support their community to let them know they’re seen and appreciated beyond measure. When you ask Amanda what she could go back and tell herself, she says “Go for it, don’t doubt yourself. Believe in yourself and follow your gut. This is your calling”. 

If you’re thinking about branching out your services or opening your business Amanda suggests: “Do your research! Look into your options, zone in on the areas that pique interestApply for grants. There’s so many available out there. Even if you don’t think you qualify, apply. If no one else applies and you fit part of the criteria you can still get awarded that grant” She also suggests looking into the pros and cons of whether you want to work for yourself or for an employer. Look at overhead and startup costs. When asking what she thinks the future holds for Whiplash Esthetics, Amanda excitedly answers “a bigger shop! I just completed an extension but I want to add more services so it needs to be bigger” 

We at PROBEAUTY Group can’t wait to see all those future expansions! Amanda has definitely made a mark in our local esthetics field. She has given in waves and earned every award and success.

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