Community Beauty Feature: Franz Concepcion

Community Beauty Feature: Franz Concepcion

OWNER & OPERATOR: Facials By Franz @FacialsByFranz

Edmonton, Alberta

Facials By Franz is a local Edmonton Spa offering facials, body treatments (laser lipo) and is currently working on adding more aggressive skincare services to their Spa Menu. Facials By Franz runs along side co-esthetic business owners: Bea De Lara Veril @clawsbybea and Chin Chin Veril Bernado @browbaebychin.

When asked what makes Facials By Franz unique, owner and operator Franz responded "I have always envisioned my business to be run by my clients and not run by a rule book. My goal is not about being perfect, but instead to exceed client expectations and the effort that is given."

When recapping what it was like within the first six months of opening Franz had stated "The first six months was the toughest! I handle all appointments, social media, as well as the promos...whilst doing it all in the middle of a pandemic!" When asked what changes Franz would make if time travel was a possibility, Franz had stated that a social media marketer would be a must! "If I could go back I would hire someone to handle the social media. This plays a huge role for the business and should be run by a different set of hands and brain."

"My goal is not about being perfect, but instead to exceed client expectations and the effort that is given."

When discussed what lead Franz to the Esthetics industry the response was that Franz was heavily influenced by pageants in the Philippines.

"Watching them walk with confidence on stage, and seeing all of the process that they have to go through prior to the pageant." "I've seen how much they pay for beauty to achieve 'The Look'."

"When I first started in this industry I began as a professional makeup artist and worked my way up to Esthetics."

When discussing what advice Franz would provide to someone starting in the esthetic industry, Franz responded "You must have a burning passion and commitment for the esthetic industry, have a positive attitude and make sure to have fun along the you should enjoy what you are doing!"

Looking at the future and the endless opportunities, Franz is setting goals "To expand and have spas in different cities, with new innovative treatments." As for right now Franz will continue running Facials By Franz and grab every opportunity that presents itself!

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