Community Beauty Feature: Melanie Teofilo

Community Beauty Feature: Melanie Teofilo

Melanie Teofilo

OWNER AND OPERATOR: Radiant Belle Med Spa
St. Albert, Alberta

Radiant Belle Med Spa’s mission is to produce beautiful and natural results using only the finest aesthetic treatments and services combined with the use of quality products and cutting-edge machines and technology, all to ensure that clients are happy, satisfied and to boost and regain their self-esteem.
Melanie, the owner of Radiant Belle Med Spa spoke with PROBEAUTY Group for an interview. Read some of the interview questions below:

What do you think you offer your clients that retains them other than the services/products? Firstly, I offer them the most effective and leading skin care line in the market that has a payment plan option. Secondly, I am offering a custom treatment plan that has a payment plan option and continuous guidance throughout their treatment until they achieve the optimal results. 

What were the first six months like opening your business? I just recently opened last June 22, 2022. I am trying to get new and repeat clients coming into my space for consultation, services, and products. Additionally, I have an online store that I hope will generate sales of the products that I carry.

If you could go back and tell yourself one thing to make it easier, what would it be? 
Success doesn’t happen overnight...Therefore, there is nothing I will tell myself to make one thing easier. My esthetic journey started with a severe damage on my face that I need to fix by going to school to know the right treatment, approach of care, and right products content. When I was in school, I always tell myself "trust the process and I will make it through."

If you could think of three things to have on a checklist that everyone considering this industry should consider, what would they be? 

  1. To be respectful to a client’s decision
  2. To be honest with clients
  3. To be competent to deliver the high quality of esthetic care to client

What do you look for in a esthetician? A Certified esthetician who is committed to go above and beyond to address client concerns. Hardworking, honest, transparent, competent, good work ethics and collaborating professionally with other team members.

Where can you see your business going in the next 5 years? Have multiple locations in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba Canada, and 2 branches in Texas USA! I would also like to start carrying my own skin care line and collaborating with other lines to make more effective and innovative skin care products.

We at PROBEAUTY Group are excited to see the growth of Radiant Belle Med Spa and encourage you to connect and learn more by following her on Instagram or visiting the spa.

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