Foot Care: LCN's Citrus Foot Care Line

Foot Care: LCN's Citrus Foot Care Line

Now that Spring is on the way it's time to start thinking about prepping your feet or your clients fee for sandals.  As foot care makes it's way back onto everyones priority list, we have brought in LCN's Citrus Foot Care Line.  This entire line smells wonderfully lemon fresh and is a must have!


Step 1: Citrus Foot Bath Crystals


Relax and enjoy soaking your tired feed, these anti-fungal sea salt crystal's contain lemon grass and lime.  This foot bath will leave your feet feeling refreshed and conditioned. 


Step 2: Citrus Fresh Up Spray


An anti-bacterial deodorizing foot care spray that contains plant based oils, lenoleic acid and horse chestnut extract. If you or your client experiences swelling feet or legs, this spray will do wonders. Also great when doing a leg wax and your client has less than desirable smelling feet. 


Step 3: Citrus Foot Peeling


Contains soft granules for gently buffing away dead skins cells.  Gentle enough to use on your diabetic clients.  This foot care product is used prior to the application of creams or mask to allow for better absorption of product.


Step 4: Citrus Foot Cream


An anti-bacterial, lightweight foot care cream that contains lemon grass, citrus oil, avocado oil, peppermint and dexpanthenol.  The skin is left feeling refreshed, and this product is great for doing your pedicure massage with.


Step 5: Citrus Foot Mask


This mask is excellent for dry and sensitive skin as the Squalan contained in the mask helps the skin to increase it moisture content. It also contains Shea butter and almond oil for a moisturizing and soothing effect.  It is great for use prior to paraffin wax treatments.


With is 5 Step foot care system you and/or your clients will have refreshed, soft feet ready for sandal season! Call or visit us in store to buy LCN

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