Gel Nails vs. Acrylic Nails

Going to the salon these days, you will find many more options than there once was! Especially if we are talking artificial nails, there are so many advancements in the world of nails it can seem confusing without the right information. We have broken down what you need to know before you decide, gel or acrylic.
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic is a liquid and a powder that is mixed then applied to the nail. The acrylic then hardens without the use of a lamp unit. Be warned the application process does come with strong fumes from the chemicals, so if you have a sensitivity to smell or are pregnant steer clear. On the flip side, the application and fill of acrylic can be cheaper than gel. The removal of acrylic is done by either soaking or filing; please note that soaking in acetone can cause the nails to become dry and brittle. Acrylic nails do tend to be stronger as it is a very hard product, but with that, offers no flexibility for the natural nail. For those ladies who have an oily nail bed, an acrylic nail may be the way to go as there is more acid in the product, therefore, limiting the chances of lifting.
Gel Nails
With gel nails the gel used is a light-cured product, so they will only harden once placed under a light. Some gel products do soak off with acetone, while others require filing for removal. With the soak off gel, it is recommended to use a nail conditioner to avoid drying out the nail. During the application there are no associated smells, with that gel is considered a more eco-friendly option as there is no use of strong chemicals. Regarding price, you will pay a little more when it comes to fills, but approximately the same for a new set with both products. Lastly, gel nails offers much more flexibility for the natural nail, which can be more suitable for some.
Other Options
As we noted there are lots of options when considering options to enhance your natural nail or getting artificial ones. Here are some of the options that you will see over and above gel and acrylic.
Gel polish
Gel polish is a light-cured product that applies similar to traditional polish but is cured under a light unit. Gel polish can be removed either by soaking or filing, again with soaking the use of a nail conditioner is recommended. A gel polish application can last for approximately three weeks and does not offer any extra strength to the natural nail. Gel polish is a nail polish for the natural nail that will be more durable than traditional nail polishes.
Gel overlay
A gel overlay is for those who would like to add strength to their natural nail without adding any length. This is a great option for anyone trying to grow out their natural nail.
Poly Gel
A poly gel is what would happen is gel and acrylic had a baby. It is orderless unlike acrylic and does not self-level like a gel. The benefit here is that it has the strength of acrylic and the elasticity of gel. It applies similar to acrylic but has to cure in a lamp unit. The best of both worlds!
Bioglass can be used as an overlay or as an extension to the nail. It contains unique compounds that are compatible with the human body. This allows for better adhesion to the natural nail without the use of primers. The L-cystine and chitosan ingredients help support the regeneration of the natural nail plate. This product is excellent for those with damaged nail plates for over filing or dry, brittle nails. 
To sum up, there are certainly benefits to both.  Do consider your lifestyle, finances and time before deciding on which to go with.  Another consideration should certainly be how each product effects your nail beds. Do consult with your nail technician on the best options for you! 

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