How eyebrows can change your look and appearance

Eyebrows can make or break your overall look.  If they are too thin, they can dramatically change the dynamics of your face, too thick and they can drown your eyes in hair. To find the right balance many factors need to be taken into consideration, are your eyes deep set? A little further apart? Or are you trying to achieve a more youthful look? This is why we trust our brows to the experts, your brow gal if you will! Your “eyebrow lady” is much more than just an “eyebrow lady,” she is a true artist, balancing all your beautiful features and creating magic!

Take J.Lo for example, she went from thin eyebrows that didn’t look too bad but made her look a little older, and her eyes almost appear to droop down. Now at 50, she is rocking a fuller brow, which in turn has made her look younger, regardless of her age.

Let be real here; this woman is ageless.

Eyebrows frame the face in a way that softens and balances a look. If you choose too bold of a brow and your face has delicate features it will overpower your those features. If you have stronger facial features, a thin brow can throw your whole look off, making your too thin brows the focus of your face. A thicker brow would help with giving your face a beautiful balance. Let's talk arches, some women have that beautiful arch we are all envious of, some have a slightly less arch, and then there is the always the surprised arch. Arches need to be in the exact spot of YOUR facial features. Take a look at the picture below, there we see the same set of eyes, with various brow shapes and how it changes the ways her eyes look. If you are unsure of what brow shape you need, grow the brows out and head to a reputable spa to get them shaped.

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