LCN: You Can't Argue With 80 Years of Nail Excellence

LCN: You Can't Argue With 80 Years of Nail Excellence

LCN, or Light Concept Nails is one of the first companies in the nail game. The company's international success is based on more than 80 years of experience in the development and production of synthetic nail systems.  They were the first European manufacturer to develop a light-curing synthetic system for sealing, correcting and restoring fingernails, in 1985. TodayLCN is sold and used in over 75 countries around the world.  


With an extensive selection of light-cured nail products LCN truly has something to meet every client's needs.  Designed so that the nail technician can customize to find the best professional manicure products to suit each client.  Their light cured products include building gels, color gels, gel polish (Recolution), Laqish and Pedique (for use on the toenails). They also have a wide range of vegan nail polishes.


They also have you covered for all your hand and foot care needs.  Offering an extensive line of natural nail and hand products available for the technician to use during professional spa services and for retail. As for foot care, they have a variety of professional pedicure products that also serve both the technician and retail customer.  They even go as far to ensure your Diabetic client's needs are met with their  10% Urea line.


Here are some of their star nail, hand and foot care products and why we love them:

  • LCN All Week Long Polish is amazing as it does not require a base coat, dries very quickly with natural daylight, lasts up to 7 days on fingernails, and is solvent-free and vegan.

  • LCN Laqish hits our favourite because it is the perfect combination of nail polish and a UV/LED color polish. It does not require the use of a bonding agent or a sealant and has no dispersion film, and can be soaked or filed off quickly.  Lastly, it is also anti-mykotic, making it the perfect gel polish for the toes!

  • LCN FiberTech is a  2 - in - 1 bonding and sculpting gel that is self-leveling and is infused with fiberglass particles, making it very strong.  This ultra strong nail gel comes in clear, milky pink and milky white. This is our favorite gel for creating baby boomers.

Going beyond just nails, LCN has expanded to include cosmetics, skin care, waxing products, lashes, and permanent makeup products (microblading). Making them a one stop shop for all your needs!


Now really, how can you go wrong with 80 years of experience and a full line of products? To shop in-store, visit PROBEAUTY Group in Edmonton or buy LCN by calling or emailing us!

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