Pro Tips for Applying False Eyelashes

Pro Tips for Applying False Eyelashes


False lashes add a pop to your look that you couldn't otherwise get but apply them wrong and things go a little sideways.  While the application can be a little tricky, with just a little practice and these few tips you can be a pro!


But first, before you run out and pick up just any pair of lashes, lets talk eye shape.  Determining your eye shape will help you to pick a lash that will best enhance your eyes.  As we are partial to Esqido lashes, they have created a very helpful lash guide determine which lashes are best suited for different eye shapes. 


It is a common mistake when removing your lashes from the packaging to pull them out without any care.  This can damage the shape of the lash and make them much harder to apply.  We recommend that you start with the outer edge of the lash if you bend the outside of the lash, no biggie you are going to be trimming that end anyhow. 

To measure the lash you want to rest the strip lash on your eyelashes.  When measuring you want the strip lash to start where your natural lashes begin to bulk and end approximately 4 lashes from the outer corner of your eye.  To trim your lashes, you want to trim the outer edge and ensure that you are just cutting the vein or strip itself.  Do pay attention and avoid trimming any of the lashes themselves.  If your lashes are too long for your eye, it will be uncomfortable, and forever scarring you from wearing falsies again.  Well hopefully not, but let's aim for a positive strip lash experience. 


If you accidentally flattened the lash when removing it from the packaging, you can roll the lash around a makeup brush to help add a nice curve back into the lash.  This way the lash will stay put in the corners once applied. 

Don't over do the glue if you want to get finished and out the door in a timely fashion.  If you apply too much glue you will be waiting forever for it to dry. So apply a thin layer of glue to the vein of the lash.  Then wait for the glue to become tacky before applying to your eye.


Now that the glue is tacky you are ready to apply the lash. Remember where you measured your lash from and place the lash in the same fashion starting with the centre of the strip.  While doing this you want to be looking down, we suggest laying a mirror down on a table to help. Press the lash into your lash line, then move out to the edges.  One the lashes are in place, pinch your natural lashes and the false lashes together.  While doing this you will also push down to ensure the strip is sitting right on your lash line.  
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