Pro Tips for Using JamGel Acry-Gel

Pro Tips for Using JamGel Acry-Gel

JamGel Acry-gel

If you have taken the leap and decided to test out JamGel, the newest acry-gel on the market, we have some tips for you to make life just that much easier! 

    1. Nail prep is critical. If you don't prep the nail fully you can and may experience lifting issues, just like any other product.
    2. Start out applying a smaller bead until you get a feel for how much product you need.
    3. If you are finding that the product is sticking to your brush, use just a little more slip solution.
    4. When pouring your slip solution into a dish to work with, less is more; it goes a long way.
    5. When curing Pool Party and I'm On The Guest List, apply these in thinner layers as it prevents uncured pockets.
    6. If you are into a beautiful c-curve, apply a thin layer of JamGel on your form, then cure for 10 seconds under LED, pinch then cure for another 30 seconds under LED. 
    7. If you want to create 3D art, you can do so with a quick 5-second cure for flower petals, then take your brush and lift the edges. Another option for 3D art, you can add a little acrylic powder to the gel to give you a little bit thicker product to work with.
    8. Always store your tubes upright!

If you have tested out JamGel and have any tips to add, feel free to share in the comments below!


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