Simple Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Do

Simple Nail Art Designs Anyone Can Do



 Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Apply 2 coats of white nail polish, this will be your base.

  2. Apply the strips diagonally in an X over your nails and now add a coat of yellow polish.

  3. Apply a third strip vertically at the center to add your orange polish.

  4. As shown in the photo, place strips to make  the black triangle and apply black at the base of your nail.

  5. Complete the look with clear polish.





Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Choose a colour for your base coat and apply it to all of your nails.

  2. Wait for your base coat to dry.

  3. Next apply your strip to create diagonal lines across your nails.

  4. Then apply glitter polish in a gradient either top down, or vice versa.  Do this in light coats and build up the glitter polish.

  5. Remove the strips and let the glitter polish dry slightly before applying your top coat.



Step by Step Tutorial:

  1. Pick three colours in include in your simple nail design.

  2. Start by painting all your nails one colour except your ring finger on each hand. 

  3. Paint both ring fingers a different colour.

  4. Next, get a brush to create your clouds.  Make vertical lines with the third colour like the image shown. 

  5. Wait for that coat to dry, then apply the first colour to make the smaller clouds as shown. 

  6. Apply clear polish to finish the look.

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