Staff Picks: Favourite Beauty Products

Staff Picks: Favourite Beauty Products


Here at PROBEAUTY Group we always have our staff test our products.  We do this before we bring in new products and also encourage the use of products that each of them has not tried.  With this we gain knowledgable staff that is able to speak to the products first hand.  As well as rigorous testing to ensure that the products that we do bring in are the best on the market.  With that, we have asked our staff what their top 3 favourite products are and why? 




  1. Berodin Jasmine Oil: I love this product is because I hate the feeling of thick body butter and how it takes way too long to absorb in. The sticky feeling left after a body butters also leaves me unhappy. Oil on the other hand feels like silk on my body, the aromatic smell of Jasmine reminds me of Butchart Gardens in Victoria. This oil absorbs instantly leaving me smooth in a timely manner without the stickiness. The second reason I love Berodin Jasmine Oil is it's compatibility with all other waxes that I've ever used I will never prep with powder again in Alberta!!! Alberta's environment is a very stripping and vigorous on skin.

  2. LCN's Bio Glass Gel: My favourite gel is the holy grail for my damaged ripping nails. They can finally grow and not rip into my nail bed. I am "blessed" with sensitive nails that lift every time, since converting over to Bio Glass Gel, no more lifting.  When I want a more natural look I get Anita (our resident nail tech and educator) to put matte or regular sealant on and it looks so naturally beautiful. 

  3. Universal Contour Wraps Cellulite Pads: Man do you feel the tingle, it is surprising I did not expect to feel something so strong for so long.  I loved the simplicity making it super user friendly when applying. I had a very noticeable dimple on my butt cheek and after the pad it was way smoother and less noticeable. I've only used it once but it makes me want get a full body wrap and see those results if this small patch did so much.



  1. AfterSpa Magic Makeup Remover:  Terrific face washcloth, it leaves my skin feeling ‘squeeky’ clean! I apply my favourite Cara Skin Care cleanser and then simply wipe off the product and dirt. Love it!  Well priced, and I will be gifting to my favourite people soon.

  2. Bodyography: Love everything!  So far I am using the Liquid Luminizer, Hydrating Foundation Primer & the Lip Lava’s in two colours.  All reasonably priced and absolutely spectacular!  The Liquid Luminizer is pressed into my skin around the eye area using a damp sponge and light powder aids with eye makeup staying put and really adds to the finished look.  The Hydrating foundation keeps my base coat smooth and in place! And finally, the Lip Lava.  Talk about stay-power.  Bold, strong, solid and beautiful!  I sometimes top with a lip plumper and the integrity of the Lip Lava stays true!

  3. Spongelle Body Wash Infused Buffer – I just purchase one a few days ago, so have had only a little time with using the sponge.  So far I love the beautiful, coconut fragrance that is infused into the sponge, it is absolutely perfect smelling!  Love, love, love and will certainly purchase again in the future.  This product is another one that will make it into gifting to family and friends! 




  1. Cara Skin Care Pure Intense Oil Free Cleanser: This is my favourite can’t run out of product. I use it twice daily, morning and night in combination with my Daily Concepts Facial Micro Scrubber. I love that when I do purchase the product it is at such a great price, and lasts me for a long time. Typically, I am only re-buying my cleanser twice a year which is excellent! The cleanser itself is not to heavy but not to light either, creating a nice lather. Taking off any oils or debris that have collected on my skin overnight and at night removes all makeup and daily build up. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great everyday cleanser.

  2. LCN Citrus Foot Spray: This product is great for at home or on the go. After long days in dress shoes, especially in the summer months I know my feet do not smell the best. This product is great if I get home and just want to freshen up my feet or prior to going to a barefoot yoga class, its fantastic! I would say this product is a gym bag must have. In addition, after a long day that I am perhaps on my feet all day it aids in cooling and reliving my legs or feet. This product is great for anyone who has mobility issues or who doesn’t like touching their feet (me) … the spray application makes for ease in applying.

  3. Universal Contour Wrap Detox Massage Oil:  This is a product I find to be beautiful and luxurious. Everything about it is pristine, the scent is very settle and calming. I usually use this product in the evening before bed, waking up to beautifully hydrated skin. This is a product that would be great for anyone who has a hard time settling in or leaving the day behind before bed as it provides deep relaxation. It would be great to use in a relaxation massage. 


If you are interested in any of the products mentioned, please call or order or visit us in store! You can also find more on each brand here.

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