The body wrap that reduces cellulite, tell me more!

The body wrap that reduces cellulite, tell me more!

Universal Contour Wrap offers a selection of spa treatments that all aid in losing inches, toning and firming, and detoxifying.  Their main inch loss wrap is the Classic Body Wrap, which is all-natural body wrap. Clients are guaranteed to lose a minimum of 6 inches on their first treatment, and that they will keep off that minimum of 6 inches for 30 days. If the client does not lose a minimum of 6" inches, the body contour wrap is on the house or if they don't keep it off for the guaranteed 30 days, the next treatment is free!  With special wrapping techniques you will see the visible effects of lifting and toning on select areas of the body after receiving an inch loss body wrap. On average woman lose 11- 14 inches and men 18-21 on their first treatment.


What really sets aside the Universal Contour Wrap is the fact that it is all natural and hypoallergenic. The main ingredient in the classic clay solution is bentonite clay. The salts within the clay help to condition and exfoliate the skin leaving the skin soft post treatment. This is one spa treatment where the client is not required to shower immediately, the delay of a shower allows for the pores on the skin to stay open, adding a potential for additional inch loss.


Universal Contour Wrap is the perfect treatment for anyone who wants an extra boost to feel a little better or perfect prep for a holiday or event.  Treat yourself today and book your body contour wrap!    

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