Tina Davies Knows Brows...

Tina Davies Knows Brows...

Tina Davies is indeed an expert in her field, with 15 years as a certified Permanent Makeup Artist (PMU).  In 2013, when she came across microblading she loved the technique, but not the microblading tools. From there she set out to create the perfect tool that was not only of the highest quality but ergonomically correct, and all of this with artist and client in mind.


Through trial and error, her masterpiece was created and is known as the Harmony Microblade. Giving the artist the option to have the best results with superior surgical grade stainless steel needles. Setting the Harmony Microblade above other professional microblading tools out there is the Harmony Hard needles. Rather than the needles being wrapped in plastic as most traditional needles are they are wrapped in stainless steel. This gives complete stability and clean, crisp strokes every time.  Offered in 4 different sizes, the Tina Davies Harmony Microblade gives artists options as every microblading professional has various techniques and preferences. With every Harmony blade being carefully examined three times for needle defects you are guaranteed to receive the sharpest, cleanest and even needles available.


Even the handle on the Tina Davies Harmony pens has been carefully designed, with a built-in ruler and a rounded end for pigment mask application. Each needle is attached at a 30-degree angle providing the artist with the reassurance that each stroke will be the same while delivering optimal results and beautiful eyebrows.

Every Tina Davies Harmony Microblade surpasses Canadian Health standards, which is very important when offering professional microblading services. Each Harmony comes in an individual sterilized blister pack complete with lot number, manufacture date, and expiration date. 


Already setting the bar with her smart designs, Tina Davies also created some fantastic accessories to accompany the Harmony. Take her Silk pencils; they are great for precise, and clean pre-draws. Or the Tina Davies Disposable Sterile Kit that features everything disposable needed to perform a procedure making it easy, mess-free and of course sterile. The Angie microblading practice pads are ideal for all artists from beginner to expert. Created so the artist can see every little detail of their work while practicing new techniques and it is also great for comparing needles. 


With that, we would like to thank Tina Davies for her contribution to the Permanent Makeup Industry! The fruits of her labor continue to inspire more creativity for the professional eyebrow artist and provide clients with the beautiful brows that they desire.


To get your hands on any of these Tina Davies microblading tools or accessories, call PROBEAUTY Group to order professional microblading supplies now or visit us in-store in Edmonton! 

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