Tips From a Pro: Nail Art Tool Must Haves

Tips From a Pro: Nail Art Tool Must Haves


Whether you prefer to outsource your nail art or love doing it yourself we have some must have tools to achieve that professional look.  Or if your just trying your hand at nail art, these tools will save you some grey hair! 


LCN Active Apricot Nail Growth


While this is not necessarily a tool it certainly is a must, this is everything your nail needs if you are constantly applying polish to your nails or especially gel polish.  Keep your nails healthy with vitamins A & E, also with the benefit of adding strength to your nail bed.  To be applied twice per week, this can be applied to the entire natural nail or any natural growth you have from your last manicure. 


Glitter Polish

Make it sparkle! Glitter polish is and should always have a home in every nail manicure kit.  Add a little bling to one nail, create a ombre effect, apply it over another favourite colour.  The options are endless!


LED Lamp

If you want to get into gel polishes a LED Light is a must to cure the product.  With a gel polish you can extend the life of your art! 



Nail Stripes 





These stripes can make your mani a breeze! You can either use these by directly applying them to the nail to add a little bling or used to create straight lines on your masterpiece.  


Transfer Foils




Transfer foils can jazz up any basic polish, it can be layered or used in just one colour. Once you have applied your colour, apply a clear top coat and then press on the transfer foil and quickly pull away for a cool effect! 


Nail Dotter




Small dots, medium dots, large dots, create them all with this helpful tool! 


Nail Art Brush Set








Having a good set of brushes will allow you the freedom to create what ever your heart desires!


Studs and Pearls & Crystals



You can really add to your nail design with some well placed studs and crystals.  Create a boarder between colours, add some jazz to a solid colour nail! 

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