Vegan, paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free mineralized makeup...Is this for real?

Vegan, paraben, gluten, and cruelty-free mineralized makeup...Is this for real?

Looking for a makeup line that is anything but traditional?  


A beauty brand that pushes the boundaries and dares to offer just a little more? 


Has morals and is environmentally friendly?

Enter Bodyography, a family owned and operated boutique style makeup line found in top salons, spas and beauty supply stores across the US and in over 50 countries worldwide.  PROBEAUTY Group is happy to announce that we are now one of those lucky suppliers carrying their wonderful cosmetics.


Offering products suitable for amateurs and makeup professionals at affordable price points. Bodyography boasts beautiful color cosmetics with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, enhancing your features from the inside out.  The product line from Bodyography combines classic makeup products with the latest beauty trends. The Electric Lip Slide, for instance, combines a stain, lipstick, and gloss into one unique product that’s available in both classic and electric trend colors. Another distinctive product is the Glitter Pigment which combines a pearly cream shadow with highly concentrated loose glitter to create beauty blogger worthy looks.  


An extensive amount of research and development goes into the production of Bodyography's cosmetics. Each product enhances your best features and nourishes your skin with enriched ingredients. Every product in the line has more than one job that delivers the highest quality results.  Along with its top of the line formulations, it also offers vegan makeup, gluten-free cosmetics, and paraben free products.  As a bonus, they are certified as a cruelty-free brand providing something for everyone.  


Not only do they provide premium products they are also environmentally friendly. The brand lives by the motto “Beauty with a Conscience,” and therefore all of their packaging is recyclable, reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. They also print all of their boxes and brochures using soy ink to reduce air pollution.


COMPANY GOAL - For women to feel comfortable both with and without makeup.


Now really? What more can you ask for from your makeup line?


Considering Bodyography is an above par makeup manufacturer with its cruelty-free status, care for the environment, and provides products that can do more that one thing they should be your one stop shop for all your cosmetic needs.


Call to buy Bodyography online or stop by and see the full line! 

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