Waxing - 10 Tips For Ensuring Client Satisfaction & Comfort

Waxing - 10 Tips For Ensuring Client Satisfaction & Comfort

As a waxing technician, you know the importance of building a client base.  We have put together for waxing 10 tips to ensure client satisfaction and comfort to help you develop a solid client base that returns time and time again.

1. Client Confidentiality 

When your client knows what happens in your treatment room stays in your treatment room they will feel more comfortable under your care.

2. Professionalism

When you practice professionalism in the waxing room, your client will be sure to return as they feel that they are in good hands, and know that every step has been taken to ensure that their satisfaction is of utmost importance.

3. Personalize your service for each client

This is getting to know your client, remembering which waxes work best with their skin type and remembering the small details that make them feel important.

4. Share your knowledge about pre & post waxing care, and recommendations.

When you share your proper pre/post care instructions this ensure that the client is getting the best service even after they leave. By sharing recommendations, they feel that you care and this also gives you an opportunity to sell your retail products.  

5. Be clean, tidy & organized.

Having an organized, clean and tidy work station shows your client that you are prepared for the service.  Having a messy work station doesn't shout 'I sanitize properly'.

6. Maintain clients modesty.

Some parts of waxing require some uncomfortable positions, taking steps to make them feel comfortable in those moments can mean the difference between a returning client or not. 

7. Be on time with service start time as well as service completion times.

Being on time is two-fold, just as you book your time for your client they book their time to come to see you.  That said, everyone's time is valuable if you get off track the ripple effect extends to all your clients. 

8. Ensure that the finished result is to the client’s satisfaction.

Asking to ensure the client is satisfied prior to them leaving is a must, if not this is your opportunity to salvage this customer. Do it with grace, and you will be sure to have a customer for life!

9. Communicating with the client in a way that makes them feel valued & respected. Accommodating, flexibility and understanding.

Remember, they are your customer, treat them as such.  

10. Know your products for your clients, whether it be a variety of waxing products, soothing products or products to help aid in your client's specific needs.

Know your customer and their needs, if needed have a notebook on all your clients and their preferences and refer to this prior to their appointment.

*Bonus: Ask you, clients, how the service was and offer them incentive deals to maintain the service they have had with you. Ex. After 5 leg waxing’s they may get a percentage cut rate for their next service.

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