Waxing Pre & Post Tips to Boost Services

Waxing Pre & Post Tips to Boost Services


1) Waxing is one of the few services where the quicker you complete the service, the happier the client is – and this allows you to accommodate more clients in your daily schedule! Make an effort to provide excellent, and speedy, waxing services

2) The less tweezing the better – Excellent waxing services will result in little or no tweezing – meaning less discomfort for your client and less time for you to complete the service.

3) Know your waxes! Different wax and sugar products are designed for different areas. The techniques for using different waxes might vary slightly, so know your product. Not all hard waxes today need to be applied super thick. Larger body areas like legs might best be treated with strip wax, while more sensitive areas like the bikini, under arms and upper lip usually appreciate hard wax

4) Don’t send a sticky client out of your treatment room! Complete your waxing service with proper clean up and care of the skin. Waxing isn’t just about removing hair – it also needs to provide care for the skin.

5) Getting clients onto a customized schedule will result in the best outcome for them and you, and have them less likely to shave in between services. Pre book the next appointments so they don’t go too long between services. Maintenance wax services are quicker for you to perform, use less wax, and create less discomfort for the client, especially in the bikini area!

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