Why we love Refectocil Lash Lift

Why we Love Refectocil Lash Lifts

There are so many reasons to love Refectocil's lash lifts. If you love a lash lift system that is simple and effective you will be sure to love it too!

Refectocil eyelash lifting and perming is the perfect way to get a fantastic curl that will last without having to use hard metal curlers that damage your eyelashes. With the simple to use lash lift kit, it is easy to transform your client's lashes in only 13 minutes! Unlike many other brands, RefectoCil prides themselves on being gentle, vegan, and best of all, easy to use! With a strong focus on all things cosmetic, the brand is always on the hunt for ways to grow and improve.

As a well rounded company, RefectoCil has many products; their most popular being their lash lifting products! With the easy to use six-step process, it's quick to have amazing lashes that can last up to six weeks! It makes for the perfect look without having to throw on any makeup. One of the brands main motto's since being developed in 1942 was that they want to keep everything simple. This is shown in everything they product from the ingredients, all the way to their application process.

When it comes to eyelash lifting, RefectoCil has an amazing kit that comes with 36 applications! In the kit includes, lash lift pads, a lash perm solution, a neutralizer, glue, a rose wood stick, two brushes, and two application dishes! Giving you all the perfect ingredients for long, full eyelashes. RefectoCil offers three sizes of ultra comfortable eye pads for lifting application, as well as a super gentle perming solution. They also make a sensitive lift kit for those with extra sensitive allergies!

One recommendation we do have when using the RefectoCil lift kit, is to pick up some of the RefectoCil care balm! This amazing balm is ideal for those with dry or brittle lashes, or anyone who wants to maintain healthy lash habits overall! This super easy to use balm comes in a small vile with a spoolie. Simple to use, apply it to lashes before bed for intensive night care! Packed with tons of vitamins and plant oils, its used to help strengthen the hair making it shiny, healthy and less brittle. Not to mention, its made with castor oil which supports natural lash growth! Pair this fantastic duo for the most beautiful, natural you, without the constant maintenance.

Now isn't is obvious why we love Refectocil? 

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