5 Reasons Why Mink Lashes Are Better

5 Reasons Why Mink Lashes Are Better

Mink Lashes

We love lashes in general, but mink lashes hold a special spot in our heart.  Let us review five reasons why mink lashes are better:

1. Mink lashes are made from a natural material. Therefore, they are more natural looking.  Synthetic lashes tend to have stubby ends and are thicker than your natural lashes.  
2. Mink lashes are more comfortable to wear; this is mostly due to being a natural fibre and being featherlight compared to its synthetic counterpart. 
3. They are reusable!!! Due to mink being a natural fibre you can get multiple uses out of them, take Esqido for example, you can get up to 24 uses from their mink strip lash. 
4. Mink lashes come with an extremely flexible cotton band that is super easy to apply.  With synthetic, the band is typically plastic and uncomfortable to wear, and not very flexible making it hard to apply.
5. Pricing for mink lashes is higher, about $35-$45 per pair, while synthetic costs $10-$20 per pair.  Now you may opt for the cheaper option, but consider that most synthetic lashes you will not get as many uses as you would with mink.  Mink is an investment that lasts quite a long time (up to 24 wears) as long as you take care of them.  

Regardless of whether you like a little-added flair for nights out, special events or want to glam up your everyday look mink lashes are number one in our eyes.  With mink lashes they could last you nearly a month of everyday wear, with synthetic you would have to purchase 6-8 pairs depending on how many uses you got out of each pair.   

Invest in mink; you won't regret it!

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