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Beyond II FlexiPro Cheek Retractors, Large, 5 pk

Beyond II FlexiPro Cheek Retractors, Large, 5 pk


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The BEYOND® FlexiPro™ Cheek Retractor is an in-office dental device intended for increasing the work area of the mouth during teeth whitening procedures.

The BEYOND® FlexiPro™ Cheek Retractor contains a pair of channeled edges that can be comfortably fitted around the lips of the patient and a bridge connecting the edges of the device. The bridge features a tongue guard that holds back the patient’s tongue during procedures, while doubling as a bite cushion for the patient to rest their teeth on.

BEYOND® FlexiPro™ Cheek Retractor is designed to enlarge the vestibular fundus and increase the work area of the anterior 16-20 teeth, as well as provide protection to the lip area. The softer material and elasticity provides patients with a safe and comfortable treatment condition. The device can be cold sterilized.


PRECAUTIONS: Discard broken, defective or worn-out products.

CLEANING NOTE: Immediately after use, thoroughly rinse fluids / debris from the device with copious amounts of cool running water. Clean with soap and water. Visually check to ensure surfaces are clean and free from damage, stains and bioburden. Rinse retractors with distilled or demineralized water if possible. Inspect device for visual damage or deterioration.

Sterilization: Use EPA approved cold solution for sterilization. Always follow all instructions of your disinfectant.

STORAGE AND HANDLING: Keep away from sunlight, store in a clean place at room temperature and normal humidity.


  • FlexiPro™ Cheek Retractors
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Tabs* (Left and Right, Pic. B)* enclosed tabs are specific for use with Beyond II (Ultra) Whitening Accelerator.


  1. Apply lip protection cream prior to inserting the cheek retractor.
  2. Hold and press together the cheek retractor with the triangle mark pointing upwards.
  3. Insert compressed cheek retractor starting from one side of the patient’s mouth.
  4. Insert the other side in the same manner after the cheek retractor is securely in place. Make sure the patient’s lips are completely covered by the cheek retractor as illustrated. (Pic. A)
  5. Have the patient bite down lightly on the interior connecting bridge, making any adjustment to ensure a perfect fit.
  6. Compress the cheek retractor again and remove it from the patient’s mouth after completion of procedure.


Thermoplastic rubber

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