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Naturaverde Cartridge Heater, Single

Naturaverde Cartridge Heater, Single


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Cordless Roll-On Warmer heats NaturaverdePro Roll-On wax cartridges to the ideal temperature for this convenient waxing system. Plug in the warmer, slide the wax cartridge in, replace the plastic lid and in 30 minutes, you are ready to wax. The warmer maintains temperature after unplugging to enable a complete waxing service.


  • Accommodates NaturaverdePro Roll-On Cartridges (and most other 3.8 oz. Roll-On waxes)
  • On/Off switch for each warmer to only heat what you need to use
  • Each cordless warmer has a side window to view the wax cartridge, and maintains temperature for plenty of un-plugged time to finish your waxing service
  • Dual voltage


Use one cartridge per client, dispose of the used cartridge, sanitize the warmer and you’re ready for your next appointment!

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