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Silhouet Tone Corundum Crystals for Vortext Peel

Silhouet Tone Corundum Crystals for Vortext Peel


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Corundum crystals are used in the DermaPod from Silhouet-tone. Corundum is a natural mineral of the same family as ruby and sapphire, second only to the diamond in hardness. This is important because if the product you use is not abrasive enough, you are no longer performing epidermabrasion. Its chemical name is aluminum oxide. The crystals are medical grade and have been thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory for safety and sterility. They have been processed under extremely sanitary conditions and purified with special acids. Their only property is to be abrasive. 

Note: Crystal bottles should be stored in a warm, dry place. To avoid clogging problems, the crystals must be kept dry.

Aluminum oxide.
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