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Face Atelier Ultra Blush Peach Glaze .27oz/7.5g

Face Atelier Ultra Blush Peach Glaze .27oz/7.5g


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Ultrafine, jet-milled Ultra Blush is a long-wearing, highly-pigmented powder blush. Combining performance with technology, we took pure, micronized pigments and surrounded them by silicones, creating a longer-lasting product that neither creases nor looks cakey.

The silicones in Ultra Blush enable it to go on smoothly while creating a barrier between the powder and the skin. That's because the silicone molecule is bigger than the human pore. Unlike other products that fall into creases or skin imperfections, Ultra Blush literally floats on the surface of the skin. The silicones create a cushion between the powder and the skin, no longer emphasizing fine lines and wrinkles. Ultra Blush is both moisture and oil-resistant, as well as non-comedogenic, making it ideal for troubled or mature skin. Moisture, heat, and sebum resistance.

Key Ingredients
Silicone – Ensures that formula is moisture, heat, and sebum resistant; enabling the powder to float on the skin as opposed to accentuating the look of fine lines and wrinkles. They also promote an even application of other ingredients and leave behind a silky, almost imperceptible feel that noticeably enhances the skin's texture and appearance.
Squalene – A plant-derived emollient that’s a natural component of skin and has antioxidant and immune-stimulating properties.
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