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Henna Bee Eyebrow Tint Brunette Bundle

Henna Bee Eyebrow Tint Brunette Bundle


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Our Brunette Bundle has been specially curated to include the perfect colours for clients with brown/black hair and darker complexions.


Kit Includes:

  • #4 ‚Äď Medium/Cool Henna
  • #5 ‚Äď Medium/Warm Henna
  • #6 ‚Äď Dark/Cool Henna
  • Gentle Foam Cleanser
  • Dappen Dish
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Application Brush
  • Water Dropper
  • Training Manual


Made with 75% plant-based ingredients Henna Bee eyebrow tint is a natural alternative to traditional tints. Henna Bee contains no lead or ammonia and requires no chemicals or oxidants to activate only warm water. Unlike traditional chemical-based eyebrow tints that dry out and damage eyebrows Henna Bee coats the hair locking in moisture keeping the hair healthy and hydrated.

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