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Henna Bee Waterproof Brow Pencil #6 Dark/Cool

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With 6 colors to choose from our Bee Pampered waterproof brow pencils are expertly matched to 5 of our Henna Bee shades giving clients the ability to fill in their brows when the henna stain on their skin fades and they are in between appointments.
Featuring a dual tip that allows for precision lines as well as providing all-over color, and a spoolie perfect for contouring colors and combing out brows. The spoolie also works great with our Bee Pampered brow soap which holds brows shape in place for the entire day.

Colors include: 
  • #2 - Light Cool | Blonde

  • #3 - Medium Warm | Redheads and warmer tones

  • #4 - Medium Cool | Brunettes

  • #5 - Dark Warm |

  • #6 - Dark Cool

  • Charcoal Grey