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JB LASH J-Curl, Crown Lashes, 0.15x13mm

JB LASH J-Curl, Crown Lashes, 0.15x13mm


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Unlike individual Premium Lash Extensions, JB Lashes' Crown Lashes are positioned to join at the tips to create a "crown" like effect and reduce application time significantly. Laid on top of natural lashes. Can add multiple layers to create a range of effects (does not twist). Applied with one hand (no need to isolate lashes leading to a significant reduction in application time) Easily able to fill in sparse areas due to the design of the Crown Lashes. Crown Lashes are not only flexible in material, but softer and lighter than individual eyelashes. Provides a full, "false lash" look.
Clients (especially younger ones) will like the crown lashes since you can create a more "false lash look" but still have that individual extension look and weightless feel as the individual eyelash extensions. The crown lashes can also be used on individual eyelash extension clients to add more volume when needed. A few crown lashes would only need to be added on each eye in between the extensions to achieve this. The crown lashes are a great way to fill in gaps and sparser lashes for individual extension wearers. You can also use any of the JB Glues. Since the crown lashes are applied on top of the natural lashes, as the natural lashes grow the crown lashes will naturally split on their own into individual lashes.

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