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Kocostar Longboots Fitting Foot Masks, 1pr

Kocostar Longboots Fitting Foot Masks, 1pr


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Looking for a way to deal with sore and swollen legs? Treat your feet and legs with a simple home care! KOCOSTAR presents Long Boots Fitting Pack – a simple but quality treatment for your sore, aching feet and calf muscles with a skin care benefit. It contains nutrient rich essence in a boot-shaped fabric, designed to cover all of your lower legs. The essence is concentrated on areas that come in contact with the feet and calves, delivering excellent and intensive cooling, moisturizing, and soothing effects while you wear them.


All Skin Types


KOCOSTAR uses special waterproof fabric with stickers to prevent leakage of the essence. Long Boots Fitting Pack comes with 3 integrated stickers to enable adjustable fit around your ankle, calf, and knee.

This unique design lets Long Boots Fitting Pack to smoothly wrap around your legs for intense and concentrated care, maximizing the results.

Plus, you can even massage your feet and legs without getting the essence on your hands.


  1. After you have washed and dried your feet, tear the seal along the dotted line.
  2. Slide each of your legs into the boot.
  3. Adjust the fit to your legs using the three stickers on the side.
  4. Massage your legs occasionally, and after 15-20 minutes, your legs will glow. No rinsing necessary.
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