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LCN Acai Vegan Nail Sugar Scrub, 6.5ml

LCN Acai Vegan Nail Sugar Scrub, 6.5ml


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Apply a small amount onto nails and surrounding skin and gently massage into skin. Apply morning and evening or as needed.

ACAI ‚Äď superfood becomes super care!

The superfood Acai is known for its long-term effects as a part of a healthy diet, but now the super fruit Acaí has been incorporated into a new LCN series! This superfood care series is vegan and animal friendly. It smells like a delicious dessert and looks so beautiful!

Why we love the ACAI berry so much: It contains around ten times as many antioxidants as grapes and twice as many as blueberries. It has unsaturated fatty acids and minerals. It is high in vitamin C. It can increase and further strengthen the function of immune cells to slow down the natural aging process. The Acaí series is 100% vegan and based on natural raw materials that have been obtained in harmony with our environment!

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