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LCN AFO Bonding Gel, 10ml

LCN AFO Bonding Gel, 10ml


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The innovative all-for-one (AFO) texture of this high-performance gel system offers perfect results for all nails that are struggling with extreme lifting. With the AFO Bonding Gel, later liftings are practically impossible. This extremely strong UV adhesion promoter is easy to work with and contains a slight acid content. For best results, it is recommended that the products be used as directed. All products of the AFO system are compatible with all LCN light-curing resins. Customer type: • for damp, greasy nails prone to hair lifting • for "customers switching" from acrylic to gel • suitable for all new models and refills • Artificial nails with a medium structure and a normal length


Benefits of the AFO Gel system:

• suitable for all nail types

• self-levelling • no lifting

• flexible and unbreakable

• extremely scratch-resistant

• simple application

• high wearing comfort

• suitable for fingernail extensions

• with tips and templates as well as for 3D nail art

• recommended for "customers switching" from acrylic to gel


• Contains an acidic component.


• Extremely strong adhesion promoter


1. Buff the natural nails slightly and degrease them with Cleaner. For extremely oily nails, we recommend Cleaner extra dry.

2. Apply AFO Nail Foundation very sparingly to the fingernails and allow to air dry.

3. Apply a thin layer of AFO Bonding Gel to the fingernails and cure in the UV tube device for two minutes or in the LED device for sixty seconds.

4. Now model a layer of AFO Building Gel onto the fingernails. Also harden this layer.

5. Remove the dispersion film with cleaner.

6. File the modeled nails into shape and remove the dust with a nail brush.

7. Seal the fingernails with an LCN sealer of your choice.

8. Finally remove the dispersion film with Super Shine Finish Cleaner.

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