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LCN Bio Bond, 10ml

LCN Bio Bond, 10ml


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With the light-curing adhesion promoter Bio-Bond, you can prepare your customers' natural nails for modeling in a gentle and innovative way. This high-quality product from LCN works exclusively with the power of natural ingredients and impresses with its simple application and good dosage. For dry, brittle, damaged nails and those who tend to have hair lifts.


  • Contains urea and L-cysteine ‚Äč‚Äč(amino acid) and organic adhesive substances
  • acid free


  • Nurturing natural nail restorer
  • Protection of the natural nail against acid
  • Adhesion reinforcement before modeling
  • Avoidance of hair lifting (when applied before sealing)


You can use LCN-Bio-Bond as a gentle adhesion booster under all LCN gel systems. Use the product sparingly for new modeling and refilling in order to care for the natural nail and optimally prepare it for the follow-up treatment.

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