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LCN Bio Glass, Clear, 40ml

LCN Bio Glass, Clear, 40ml


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Made from 100% acid-free bio-ceramic material and infused with nail-building ingredients, this gel offers a unique composition that is accepted by the human body, eliminating the risk of stress shielding and promoting natural bonding with the nails. It not only enhances adhesion but also supports the development of new tissue, making it ideal for all nail types, especially sensitive nails. With its strong adhesive properties, the BIO Glass Gel ensures long-lasting durability and permanence, while its camouflage optics effectively conceal any discoloration. Experience the power of a gel that not only beautifies but also regenerates damaged nails. Choose the LCN BIO Glass Gel for exceptional results that leave you with strong, beautiful nails.


  1. Apply: Apply the LCN BIO Glass Gel to the natural or artificial nail surface and build it up as desired.
  2. Cure: Cure the gel using a UV tube device for 2 minutes or an LED device for 60 seconds. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for accurate curing time.
    Silk-Matt Finish: After curing, the BIO Glass Gel, with its delicate pastel shade suitable for all nail types, appears silk-matt once the dispersion layer is removed.
  3. Seal: To complete the process, seal the BIO Glass Gel with an LCN sealer of your choice, providing protection and a beautiful finish to the nails.
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